24 Sep

A Website Makeover Makes All the Difference

How does your business website look? Honestly, take a few minutes and try to look at it as a prospective client might. Your website should always be a work in progress but sometimes we are too close to see the possibilities. Sometimes outside advice might be worth considering.

Make your website work for your business – give it a complete take action website makeovermakeover. That’s what Business Feet has just done, in a bid to demonstrate some of the ways websites can be an interactive business tool.

So what’s new on the Business Feet website? The backdrop is a regularly changing wallpaper that makes a witty reference to events through the seasons and on the British calendar.

But importantly the content of the website changes regularly, too. Around a core of information that explains Business Feet’s main marketing communications services, covering identity, websites, advertising, business events and guerrilla marketing are a series of additional opportunities for visitors to learn and interact.

Information sections include a regularly changing menu of informative articles, providing free advice and building a valuable marketing resource. There’s an opportunity to sign up for a regular e-newsletter, offering marketing advice and support and alerting readers when new information is added to the website.

Business Feet holds regular events, enabling businesses to network in appropriate venues, and the site allows visitors to find out more about events, and pre-register online.

The site has been designed using the latest Content Management System techniques, ensuring it is quickly and easily updated, something that many companies can now do themselves without the need for complicated programming. The system also helps deliver e-newsletters efficiently and manages the distribution database.

The site is also designed to be very attractive to search engines, with many of the techniques used in the design helping to achieve high Google rankings. One such technique, which eagle eyed visitors to the site will notice, is the deliberate mis-spelling of complicated words. This ensures even those who wrongly spell words when searching the web, still find the Business Feet website.

Does your website need a makeover? If so, why not get in touch with Business Feet to discuss your options.

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