24 Aug

Online Marketing and Nursing Salaries: Can They Help You Make Money Online?

Making a living online nowadays is possible – in fact I have been doing so for a while now, while being a stay-at-home mom at the same time. Setting aside a few hours in a day to write is something that anyone can do. Keep in mind that the money may not be what you envisioned at first, but it’s not bad either.

Let’s say you’re working a regular 9 to 5 job. If you deduct the cost of gas, because you need to drive to and from work, the cost of lunch and some other costs which have a habit of popping up unexpectedly, you would pretty much earn the same amount while working online, or even slightly more. What you also get by working online is freedom of time constraints. I get up early to write and take care of the house and I’m done by the early afternoon.

When was the last time you got off work at 1 PM? Many would object by saying that your social life would suffer if you choose to work from home, but I’ve met most of my friends outside of work anyways.

If we are going to talk about concrete ways of making money online, we need to understand how and why it works. Your website or blog can make money from online advertising, or to be more exact, Google Ads placed on the page itself. Also, if you’re planning to make money, it would be best to pick a niche that is popular.

The Nurse Salary Niche

For example, I happened to stumble upon this website Nurse Salary Guide, ran by a real nurse called nursing niche websiteDebra Riley, a website which offers in-depth information about all things related to medical staff’s salaries – from Registered Nurses to LPN’s and Nurse Practitioners. Why this niche in particular? Websites and blogs about becoming a nurse or a medical assistant don’t exactly pop up inside your head when you think about what might be profitable. But, even though the job market has been significantly altered since the economy crisis, medical sector hasn’t taken a hit at all.

The fact of the matter is, by the year 2020 at least, there will be an increased demand for medical professionals of all kinds, with more jobs will be available for those looking to have a career in medicine. But, this is also a great chance for those who are looking to switch careers or for those who didn’t have much luck finding a new job.

Since it is such an interesting prospect, people are inclined to read about it and look for more information about it on the web, which is why running a website that offers valuable information for medical personnel, including the rate of employment, and even salaries across all states, is a good idea if you want to start a website that is profitable. Niches like this get a lot of traffic with people regularly searching for information online – traffic means potential for you to earn. The medical careers niche is also on an upward trajectory as it experiences continued growth. Of course it helps if it is something you have personal experience of.

I was surprised myself when I found out how popular sites like this one are. Take your time and study the website I found and find some similar ones, and you might try this model out for yourself. The subject you chose can mean the difference between success and failure so you need to do a lot of research before jumping in. Hopefully, this will inspire you to look for other hot topics which can be monetized successfully and have a growing audience.

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