27 May

Laptops Still Rule

Smartphones and tablets have changed the IT landscape, and the way we use technology, forever. Before, you would go online, check out your email, your social media accounts, browse for stuff that sparked your interest, and after you were done, you would go about your day. Nowadays, though, we are all constantly online, and everything is moving at an incredible pace. Perhaps the best indicator of this is the tablet’s ability to stay online and receive messages while on standby. Be that as it may, when it comes to doing some serious work, desktops and laptops are still the first go-to option. We are going to focus on laptops this time, since they are portable, and analyze why they are still a better option than tablets.

They Have an Actual Keyboard

Virtual keyboards have come a long way, but they are no match for actual physical keyboards. Those of you who type without taking your eyes off the screen will understand how much a tactile component matters. Virtual keyboards are smaller, with no ergonomics to speak of. Just try typing up reports on it, and you’ll see why it is lacking. Laptops, for now, have the edge when it comes to keyboards.

More Storage Space

You can get a tablet with 128GB of storage space, which is more than enough for your casual IT consumer. On the other hand, even the cheapest laptops have at least 500GB of storage space, and those positioned in the middle of the price range usually have as much as 1TB of space built into them. This is excellent if you are running a business.

Optical Drive

While optical drives are slowly, but surely, on their way out, we still need them on occasion, and most laptops still laptops rule 03come with a DVD drive. You may need it for business, or to transfer some data that you had burned on a DVD because you don’t want it to get lost. If you go with a tablet, your DVD collection will become pretty pointless.

PC Software Beats Apps

While there are some great apps out there, none of them can match the expansiveness and the capabilities of software suites we have come to rely on. Apps are great if you want to get some work done quickly, but anything that involves rolling up your sleeves and digging in for hours until you get the job done, will require a laptop. And of course there’s a zero chance for incompatibility.

Laptops Support All Standards

The fact that laptop supports just about every IT standard out there, including USB, SATA, HDMI, Ethernet, SD cards, Bluetooth and other, means that no matter where you find yourself, you will always have an option to connect your computer to something and vice versa. The same cannot be said of tablets.

Of course, it would be best if you could have both a laptop and a tablet, but if you need to choose one that’s going to cover more ground, laptops are still a better option.

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